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Welcome to Helios jewelry, the world of unique and handmade jewelry. On our website you will find different styles of jewelry made by ourselves or by our creative team. We work together with other artists to offer you a wide range of unique and handmade jewelry. Hopefully you will find something that suits your style or maybe you will surprise someone with a beautiful gift!

The strong power of the universe is still within us. Helios aims to be a brand that empowers you. A brand that radiates every person’s uniqueness, individuality and independence, while being one through eclectic galaxies. Helios is a brand that aims to stimulate and provokes you to explore out of space adventures, their mysteries and beauty. Every collection is inspired by a galaxy, a planet or your own imagination.

Bought it but don't love it? That's OK. We've all been there. Our hassle-free return policy is part of our commitment to taking care of you every step of the way. More than anything, we want you to love our style as much as we love yours.

Please enjoy our website and we would love to receive your feedback with any questions, concerns or comments. Whether you’ve got a question or you are just looking for unique handmade jewelry, you’re in safe hands at Helios Jewelry!

You can contact us through email at and we can ensure you that you will get a quick and comprehensive answer during business hours (european time zone).