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Sparkling ring moon necklace

Sale price $149.95 Regular price $89.95

The full moon necklace appears against the darkness of night. Its widely spaced lights catches the detailed attention across the infinite universe. The luminous moon made of opal, sparks within this enchanting spectacle. This beautiful necklace is made with various colored glasses and techniques to provide you with the final detailed jewelry. If you want to know more about the making of process, go to the ‘how it is made’ tab.

The glass ball measures around 0.86-0.95 “ (2.2-2.4) in diameter. The height is approximately 1.2” (3 cm). The necklace comes with a brown cord that has a wooden bead, so you can adjust the length of the pendant. Our unique jewelry will arrive at your house safely nestled in a velvet box.

Please notice that due to the handmade process the galaxies might look slightly different from the pictures. The one that’s in your hands is completely unique. That’s what makes it so special!

 How is it made

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shyann Ebert
Great quality

Great quality. despite being handmade, it's really perfect. sharp lines combined with shimmering silver dots, representing the stars. gorgeous!

Eleanora Renner
Worth the money

I have a necklace from the planet collection and from the moon collection. The moon is a lot more expensive, but in my opinion worth the money. The details are even more beautiful and opal fits perfectly with this jewelry.

Mandy Wiegand
The pendant is beautiful

The pendant is very nice, but the necklace wasn't really my style. I replaced it myself, so that it is completely to my style. In general I think it's certainly worth to get this necklace.